Thursday, November 3, 2011

mahawu volcano tour

mahawu volcano tour
3 hours trekking tour starting go up from plantation vegetable tarace in before rurukan village tomohon
rice field on trekk down in kakaskasen
with lovely panorama about vegetable terrace ,tondano lake,klabat mountain,dua sudara mountain and bitung city and its lembeh strait with famous for muck dive and to the top of steang active volcano mahawu with panorama of bunaken island with famous of magnificent of coral reef for diving and snorkling and stayin relax,ponoroma of lokon and soputan volcano.And if you like sunrise tour you can see karangetan volcano,ruang volcano in sanger sitaro in this top you can see far before sunrise.trekking down to kakaskasen via the forest if you lucky you can see alots birds onthe way down. one we have seen sleepping owl.

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