Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sulawesi mahawu mountain volcano birding tour

citrene canary-fly catcherc
citrenecnary fly catcher
citrene canary-fly catcher
tawny grass bird
mountain tailor bird
barred dove
stephan`s dove
sulawesi mahawu mountain volcano birding or birds watching tour.
mountain white eye
mahawu mountain volcano located in tomohon city north sulawesi -indonesia is one of the place where you can birding or birds watching in sulawesi-indonesia.
pygmy small hanging parrot
black eagle
sulawesi leaf warler
rusty-bellied fantail
pale -blue[black -naped]monarch
yelow sided flower pecker
in this mountain vocano you can see endemic birds of sulawesi as like as black eagle,green parrots, stepan`s dove,barred dove,pygmy small hanging parrot,sulawesi [pymy] woodpecker,tany grassbird,mountain tailor bird,sulawesi leaf-warler,rusty-bellied fantail,pale-blue[black-naped monarch,citrene canry -fly catcher,sulawes bubler,crimson sunbird,yelow-slided flower pecker,grey sided flower pecker,mountain-white eye,streah-headed white /dark-eye,black-naped oriole.and others endemic here.

accomodation is posible with birding tour camping for two days to explore the birds in this mahawu volcano mountain or stay on the tent.

contact tour organize guide jotje lala. email.:guidejotjelala@gmail.com.mobile phone :+62 81340310671.